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Meet the Team. Coming Soon!

Friends of BVS is run by a team of parents and educators familiar with the specific needs of children with developmental differences. We each have our own personal experiences and knowledge to bring to the table. We know exactly what it is like to raise or work with children with special needs and we do our to best plan events that are fun and sensory friendly.

Stay tuned for pics and bios.

Board of Directors
Team member Christina Treece with her boys

Christina Treece

Hello! I’m Christina and I’m a mother of six kids. Two of my super awesome kids are totally rambunctious boys with autism. I am just a mom that wants to make sure her boys grow up in a community that includes and supports them. Gatlin and Draiman have changed my world and made me a better person. They are my motivation for working so hard with FOBVS.

My mother, Molly Barrientos, was a teacher at BVS many years ago. I used to volunteer in her class when I was in high school. I truly believe that she guides me in spirit and has encouraged me to use my photography, art, and design skills to benefit the children.

Cory St. Myers

Christi Mahler

Sunni Hubbel

Tina Hunt

Kathy Wilson

Tanya Pike

My name is Tanya Pike and I am the Director of Children’s Services for Blanchard Valley School. When I was a kid my dad nicknamed me “Becky Home-ecky” because I enjoy knitting, sewing, cooking, canning and just about everything else home related! One of my favorite things is to make and give away wacky jam and jelly combinations. Three Chili Mango Jam is one of my favorites!

I’ve worked in a lot of jobs but finally found a true calling in working with people with developmental differences. I am amazed every single day at the joy that can be found in these hallways and classrooms. I count my blessings here every single day!

Shelby Wilson






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